Friday, December 21, 2007

BC Homelessness Count

Over the last few weeks we have received feedback about our homelessness count. Some have been from communities who didn't originally have numbers and some from communities which have revised numbers. Below you will numbers for three communities. In the spring we will fully update the count and until then any new numbers that are brought to our attention will be posted on this blog.

100 Mile House-35 homeless, Source CMHA BC study
Lillooet-35 homeless, Source CMHA BC study
Campbell River-1,200 Source Sian Thomson Island Jade Society


Anonymous said...

1200 homeless includes all homeless people in Campbell River and area - from absolute homelessness aka living outdoors to those relying on couch surfing, shelters, transition houses, abusive partners, unsafe shelter that makes them ill, hospitals and vehicles.

Anonymous said...

critical in a homelessness count that those relying on transitional housing, temp. housing, shelters, couch surfing,garages, old trailers that should be condemned, tent/outdoors or living in unsafe rooming situations are all counted. the issue of transitional housing must be seen as such temp. only. unless for instance, abused women with 3 kids can directly access affordable housing after a temp. stay we haven't really put a dent in the problem of homelessness. rents are way to high on vancouver island and landlords get away with doing as little as possible. what adds to the problem is often city & municipal councils think that secondary suites are the answer. secondary suites are mortgage payors for middle class folks and really most people on low incomes can't afford the rent. affordable housing belongs in the non profit sector.