Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 2 Courtenay-Finding Our Way Home

Today we met with representatives of the regional districts and a number of service providers. Shawn Wilson from the Salvation Army highlighted the issue of the Washington Inn, which is a building with 111 units of affordable housing. Everyone else we spoke with also flagged this issue for us. Residents and service providers understand that the buildng is for sale and it is possible that these critically important apartments may disappear. We met with the owner who says that she would prefer that the government purchase the building so that the low rent units will be preserved. We are continuing to look into this issue as this could be the breaking point for an already serious problem of homelessness in the area. We will report developments in future posts.

Comox Strathcona Regional District Representatives
Meet with Vancouver Island Health Authority Addictions and Mental Health Workers

Salvation Army
Walking tour of Sally Ann and Washington Inn with Shawn Wilson

Tour of Lilli house Transitional House

Meeting with chair of Comox Valley Affordable Housing Society Chair of Dawn to Dusk and L’Arche (developmental disabilities)

Cirlce discussion with Courtenay Women’s Centre

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