Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 3-Courtenay

Our final day in Courtenay was spent on the street meeting and visiting with people who are homeless. It was an emotional and educational experience.

“I slept in a cardboard box with cardboard over me because I was cold. They don’t care.
Please, please, help us — we can’t take it no more — it’s killing us, literally.” Ruby Blair, Courenay, BC

When asked what the hardest part of being homeless is Gerry Mag paused and then said,

“The toughest part is tomorrow. You never know what’s going to go on tomorrow.”

It was an enlightening yet humbling end to the Vancouver Island portion of our consultion.

Day 3-Courtenay

8:00-10:30-Touring of homeless sites

Meeting with Aboriginal Leaders and stakeholders

Wachiay Friendship centre
Elders Lunch

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Wachiay Friendship centre said...

Thank you for visiting Wachiay during your stop in Courtenay. We appreciate the opportunity to have our concerns and experiences heard.

Roger Kishi
Program Director
Wachiay Friendship centre