Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vancouver Sun-Letter to the Editor-December 28th 2007

Housing project for homeless is 'nonsense'
Published: Friday, December 28, 2007
Re: Housing is real 2010 legacy; Twelve-site housing project is underway, Dec. 21

The claim that a 12-site housing project is underway to deal with homelessness in Vancouver is nonsense. The city has agreed to provide 12 sites it owns and to take advantage of the province's offer to help fund pre-development costs. But housing costs money and there isn't one dollar of capital funding in place. Even if all of these 12 are completed some day -- and the claim that half of them will be finished by 2010 strains credulity -- they won't even begin to solve the current problem: 2,300 homeless people in Vancouver. The city needs to prevent current affordable units from disappearing as they have been week after week, and the province needs to stop talking and commit the resources necessary to actually deal with the problem. And everyone should remember that 80 per cent of the province's homeless people live outside the City of Vancouver.

David Chudnovsky
MLA Vancouver-Kensington
Opposition critic for homelessness

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