Monday, January 14, 2008


For Immediate Release
Jan. 14, 2008


VANCOUVER - A declaration calling for urgent action to solve the homelessness crisis in B.C. was launched today by New Democrat MLA David Chudnovsky.

“The people of the province are way ahead of the Campbell government when it comes to concern about the homeless,” Chudnovsky, the Opposition Critic for Homelessness, said today. “Signing the declaration will give British Columbians a way to send a message that the current situation is unacceptable.”

The declaration calls for the protection of existing low rent housing units and opposes the demolition of affordable housing so that expensive condominiums can be built. The declaration pledges British Columbians will work to secure the capital funding needed to build the thousands of units of social housing, co-op housing and affordable housing our province needs.

“More than 10,500 British Columbians are homeless,” commented Chudnovsky. “That’s an embarrassment for everyone who lives in our province.

“It’s time for the Campbell government to stop the empty promises, stop the endless excuses and get to work solving the problem.”

The declaration will be distributed across the province and submitted to the legislature later this spring.

Chudnovsky also made public a letter to Rich Coleman, the Minister Responsible for Housing, challenging Coleman’s refusal to accept the enormity of the crisis.

“When my survey showed more than 10,500 homeless in B.C., the Minister said my numbers were inflated. But he refuses to provide his own number. It’s three months since I asked him how many homeless people live in our province.

“Shouldn’t he know the answer? If he’s serious about dealing with the homelessness crisis shouldn’t he at least know how many people are homeless?”

Chudnovsky will be in Kamloops on Wednesday, Kelowna on Thursday and Penticton on Friday continuing his provincial consultation on the issue. He will meet with people who are homeless themselves, service providers and local government officials.



antoi said...

come to Revelstoke! Our housing crisis is escalating by the minute!

Our City Council has at last declared affordable housing their top priority, and are working as fast as they can on the issue but there are very few Provincial and Federal funding sources to help municipalities.

And we have a dynamic, highly-motivated grassroots community group called Revelstoke Renters' Voice,who are bound to want to meet with you and discuss what Provincial solutions there should be.


David Chudnovsky said...

Hi Antoinette,

Thanks for taking the time to comment, and for your report on the situationin Revelstoke. I plan to come to Revelstoke as part of the provincial consultation on homelessness. We will be in the Kootenays later this winter and will let people in your region know the dates when we have them set.

Thanks again for writing.