Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Update and Findings: The Way Home

Two important tools for helping to end the homelessness crisis in BC came out of the “Finding Our Way Home” tour.

First is a report on Homelessness written by David Chudnovsky which includes specific recommendations for dealing with the crisis in our province. We will post some excerpts from the report tomorrow. In the meantime you can link to the report in its entirety at http://www.bcndpcaucus.ca/files/HomelessReport-low.pdf.

Second, more than 400 people saw the film “The Way Home” at its world premier in Woodland Park in Vancouver on June 20. Producers Kevin Fitzgerald and Louvens Remy have chronicled the story of homelessness in BC from the point of view of homeless people themselves and the impact of government policy.

David Chudnovsky will be returning to each of the towns and cities visited on the tour starting later this fall to present the movie. We’ll post the dates, times and locations on this blog.

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