Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The North -- Day Four Terrace

We want to begin with an apology for taking so long to post this report. We try to report on our tour on the same day as our visits, and we hope that readers, especially those from Terrace, can forgive us this time.

We began the day with a visit to the breakfast program at Kermode Friendship Society. On our way in we met two men who had slept in the bush and said they had spent all winter outside in Terrace. Thanks to both of them for taking the time to speak with us at length. Once we got to the breakfast program we visited with volunteers, staff, board members -- and, of course, those who were having breakfast.

A highlight of our time in Terrace was a serious and comprehensive discussion with the Mayor and members of Council. We reminded them that the provincial government has committed to providing capital funding for social housing at a number of sites in Vancouver if the city provides the land. (It should be noted that this capital funding is still only a promise and there are no committed provincial capital funds.) Nevertheless, smaller centres deserve the same support to deal with their homelessness problems. We encouregaed Terrace Council, as we have every council with whom we have met, to approach the Provincial Government to make sure smaller centres are not forgotten.

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