Thursday, February 21, 2008

Castlegar, Trail -- Day Three

Today in Castlegar we saw an extraordinary example of community concern and organizing. There is no government supported emergency shelter in town. So a group of residents has found a way to provide temporary emergency accomodation.

Enough donations have been collected to rent a small apartment in a motel/trailer park to use as an emergency shelter. This unit has room for two people to stay. The owner of the motel provides it at less than cost and arranges for maintenance and upkeep. He also rents out the rest of the motel at very affordable rates to people who need low rent housing -- and, together with his wife and the maintenance person/caretaker -- provides as much support and assistance as possible to the residents.

Members of the community provide food and do informal outreach. When they hear of someone who needs a temporary place to stay they find that person and, if necessary, bring them to the motel.

The owner of the motel was moved to tears as he told us of his commitment to make sure no one is left without a place to stay. All of these committed community members are stretched to the limit and are looking for help from the provincial government to do their impportant work.

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Anonymous said...

A thank you from Castlegar Mental Health and Addictions Services; Your visit was very much appreciated, we look forward to working with you to end Homelessness.