Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Campbell’s "Major" Housing Announcement an Embarrassment that won't Build a Single Affordable Unit (October 12th, 2007)

Vancouver – Today's housing announcement was a major letdown for people looking for immediate action on the housing emergency that Gordon Campbell has created, says New Democrat MLA David Chudnovsky.

“Gordon Campbell created a crisis when he eliminated funding for social housing,” said NDP Homelessness Critic David Chudnovsky. “When Gordon Campbell promoted today's event as a 'major' announcement, everyone expected he would be providing thousands of new units of affordable housing. Instead, today’s announcement failed to add a single new unit. "

"This is an embarrassment for Gordon Campbell and a huge disappointment for the thousands of people who badly need affordable housing."

Chudnovsky pointed out that the Olympic Inner-city Inclusive Housing Table -- comprised of representatives of government, business and the social service community -- says that 3,200 new units of social housing are required in Vancouver by 2010.

"Today's announcement didn't provide a single one of those badly needed units," Chudnovsky said.

“The Campbell Government named the provincial budget of 2007 the Housing Budget,” continued Chudnovsky, “If I were the Premier, I would be embarrassed to call this a major announcement.”

“At the rate of zero new units per year the Gordon Campbell method of repairing the housing gap he created will mean homelessness will remain in a crisis for Vancouver in 2010.”

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